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S.L. Notice Closing Date
 Invitation for Tender by BGDCL (28.02.1900.  2015-07-13
 Invitation for Tender by BGDCL (28.02.1900.  2015-07-07
 Invitation for Tender by BGDCL (BGDCL/SALES/CHANDPUR/RISER/2014-15/01)  2015-07-07
 Invitation for International Tender by BGDCL (28.02.1900.011.53.361.15)  2015-08-10
 Invitation for Re-Tender by Petrobangla (Ref: Photocopier Machine)  2015-07-13
 Invitation for International Tender by SGFL [Ref: SGFL/14-15/FP-03]  2015-08-04
 Tender Notice on e-GP by GTCL  2016-06-30
 Appointment Letter for Deputy Manager of Petrobangla.  2015-07-09
 Notice for Vehicle Auction by BAPEX (28)  2015-07-08
10   Invitation for Tender by BAPEX (741)  2015-07-30
11   Invitation for Tender by BAPEX (739)  2015-07-22
12   Invitation for Tender by BAPEX (738)  2015-07-29
13   Invitation for Tender by BAPEX (737)  2015-07-08
14   Invitation for International Tender by BGFCL [Ref: BGFCL/GOODS(FP)/173]  2015-07-09
15   Extension of Deadline for Submission of Bids by GTCL (Ref: IFB No. GTCL-G2)  2015-07-08
16   Invitation for Tender by BGDCL (28.02.1900.  2015-07-18
17   Invitation for Tender by BCMCL [Ref: BCMCL/16/67/148] for Consultancy Service (Firm)  2015-07-05
18   APA between Petrobangla and under it's each Companies.  2015-12-31
19   APA(Annual Performance Agreement) between EMRD and Petrobangla  2015-12-15

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