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S.L. Notice Closing Date
 Invitation for Re-Tender by KGDCL (Ref: 28.15.0000.  2014-10-29
 Invitation for Tender by GTCL (Ref.28.14.0000.118.31.001-14)  2014-11-18
 Time Extension Notice by GTCL (Ref.GTC.LA-B.EPC.TBS.002)  2014-11-12
 Invitation for Old Vehicles Auction by Petrobangla.  2014-11-03
 Invitation for International Tender by BGFCL [164, 165 & 166]  2014-12-10
 Invitation for International Tender by BGFCL [Ref: BGFCL/ WPT#21(Sv)/001-004]  2014-11-20
 EOI for Intl Training of GTCL  2014-10-29
 EOI for Int'l Training of BGFCL  2014-10-25
 Invitation for Tender by BAPEX (709)  2014-11-02
10   Invitation for Tender by BAPEX (707)  2014-10-29
11   Invitation for International Tender by BGFCL [Ref: BGFCL/GOODS(FP)/163]  2014-10-30

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